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Ducky City is a virtual world that makes it easy for people to make friends, get to know other people, in addition, it also combines play-to-earn to help people earn money. By the way, we focus on Metaverse, not focus on play-to-earn!

Long time no see, we are very happy that you are still caring and supporting us until now. Here are some recent developments of Ducky City:

  • Launched 3 new skins: Ducky Rabbit, Ducky Dinosaur, Ducky Cow.

Introduce to new skin: Ducky Rabbit.

Introduce to new skin: Ducky Dinosaur.

Introduce to new skin: Ducky Cow.

  • To make interacting with players easier and more convenient, Ducky City team has designed a new inventory interface.

New inventory UI.

New inventory UI in real game.

  • Develop new event, information about the event will be announced later, here is a little secret for you that in the event there will be the appearance of Knight NPC.

Knight NPC.

  • Launched the Emotion feature, you can express your feelings to everyone when participating in DuckyCity.

The Emotion feature.

    Develop Ducky Farm – With Ducky Farm you can buy virtual land, buy seeds, plant, care and harvest points to earn coin. Here’s a look at some of the completed features of Ducky Farm:
  • Land purchase feature: When enter the farm, we will need to buy land to be able to grow crops.

Buy lands at Ducky Farm.

  • Seeding feature: To plant seeds we need to buy seeds at the store, there are many different types of seeds, each with different properties and turnover.

Buy seeds and drill.

  • Watering feature: After a period of time the soil will be dry, they need to be watered to ensure the plants are always in the best condition.

Watering feature.

  • Catch insect feature: In the process of growing plants, they can be eaten by worms, so we also need to catch worms regularly.

Catch insect feature.

  • Weeding feature: Grass can also appear, we must also kill it so that the plants are not affected.

Weeding feature.

  • Harvest and sell products feature: After the tree matures, we will harvest, the yield will reach the maximum level if we take care of it properly. After harvesting, the agricultural products will be transferred to the warehouse, we just need to open the warehouse and sell the agricultural products to get coins.

Harvest and sell products feature.

We will continue to work hard and bring you the latest updates, thanks for watching!