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Hello everyone, we are excited to announce that the Ducky City Official Airdrop has been launched! 

The total value of the Airdrop is 500,000,000 $DCM tokens ~ $5,000,000 

(Note: The USD amount is an estimate based on the token’s launch price. Please note that the value of the tokens can fluctuate once you receive them. Consequently, the actual value may be lower or higher than the initial estimate, depending on market conditions and our token allocation plan).

The Airdrop consists of a total of 10 epochs, with each epoch lasting approximately one week. ⏳

Here is the schedule for the upcoming epochs:

EpochAllocationEstimated Timeline
150,000,000 $DCM ~ $500,000From November 22, 2023 (UTC +0) to November 28, 2023 (UTC +0).
250,000,000 $DCM ~ $500,000From November 29, 2023 (UTC +0) to December 05, 2023 (UTC +0).
350,000,000 $DCM ~ $500,000From December 06, 2023 (UTC +0) to December 12, 2023 (UTC +0).
450,000,000 $DCM ~ $500,000From December 13, 2023 (UTC +0) to December 19, 2023 (UTC +0). 
550,000,000 $DCM ~ $500,000From December 20, 2023 (UTC +0) to December 26, 2023 (UTC +0). 
650,000,000 $DCM ~ $500,000Update soon
750,000,000 $DCM ~ $500,000Update soon
850,000,000 $DCM ~ $500,000Update soon
950,000,000 $DCM ~ $500,000Update soon
1050,000,000 $DCM ~ $500,000Update soon

Daily tasks

Every day, players visit Ducky City, find Goku NPC, and complete daily tasks to earn points.

Below is the list of daily tasks:

TaskPoints earnedDetails
Daily Checkin10 pointsDaily check-in on the City map to earn points.
Taking care of plants10 pointsPerform one of the following tasks to earn points: Planting new plants, watering, fertilizer application, catch insect , weeding, harvest.
Taking care of animals10 pointsPerform one of the following tasks to earn points: Buy a new animal, feed, inject, tonic, harvest.
Interact with Ducky City’s posts on Twitter20 pointsFollow, like, retweet, and comment on Ducky City’s posts ( and submit the link to earn points. Your posts will be regularly checked by our AI, if your account publishes posts that do not meet the requirements, or if the content itself does not meet the criteria, you will lose the points you have earned from this task.

Earn points from NPCs

Pogo NPC: Find NPC Pogo in the city map, you can convert game coins into points. Every 1,000 coins you can convert into 1 point, you can convert upto 50,000 coins into 50 points every day.

Pesto NPC: Find Pesto NPC in the City map, you can claim 1 gift box every hour.

Open the gift box, you can get: points, coins or component items that can be used to convert points.

Other tasks

Invite friends: You can invite friends to receive 50 points for each invited friend.

You also earn 10% commission based on the points earned from the people you invited.

Buy/ Sell Keys: You earn points on every key purchase or sale. The number of points earned depends on the value of the keys you trade.

If someone buys or sells your keys, you will also earn points from these transactions!

Airdrop Eligibility

To qualify for the airdrop, users must actively participate and complete the tasks specified on
After the end of an epoch, we take a snapshot of the user’s activities and allocate tokens based on their points.

Participant Tokens = Earned Points * (Total token allocation for Epoch / Total points

There are many NPCs, items, events that will be updated gradually to help people earn more points. Please look forward to it! Thank you !

Ducky City Team