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Hello everyone, we are excited to announce that Ducky City Test Farm Airdrop has been launched! 😄🎉.

This is an airdrop campaign to test the features in the farm map, as well as to give away some some gifts to the community.

The airdrop event will start from October 14, 2023 (UTC +0) to October 24, 2023 (UTC +0).

The rules of the airdrop are as follows:

  • Each person will receive 28 plots of land ( The distributed plots will be cleared once the official version of Ducky City is released).
    The feature to unlock plots of land will be temporarily disabled to ensure fairness during the airdrop.
  • Each person is required to participate in planting crops and raising animals on the farm.
    Every time you harvest crops, milk, shear sheep, or sell animals, you will receive a certain amount of “POINTS”. The amount of “POINTS” received will depend on the value of the harvested crops, milk, or sheep’s wool.

Every day (starting from 0:00 UTC+0):

Top 1: The person with the highest number of POINTS will receive $10.
Top 2 – 5: Each person will receive $5.

We will randomly select 10 lucky individuals with POINTS > 0, and each person will receive $2.

All cheating behaviors will result in account banning and the outcomes will not be recognized.

The rewards will be sent to the winners within approximately 1 day after the results are announced.

Note: Please access the ATM feature to initialize your personal wallet in Ducky. If your personal wallet has not been created, we will not be able to send the rewards to you. 📝💰

Right after the end of this airdrop event, we will launch the official airdrop event of Ducky City. Please follow our news channels to not miss any updates from us.

Ducky City Team. 🦆🏙